For a lot of years now, I’ve been believing that black money within India is necessarily present as cash only. However, the recent onslaught against the demonetisation policy pushed me to spend a few days digging for answers to every cross question put up, finger pointed and doubt raised. After all, how can the likes of Pulapre Balakrishnan, Prabhat Patnaik be so confidently wrong?!
What Modi did right?

This scheme has rightly halted the businesses of D-Company, Maoists and other terrorists who had crores of counterfeited notes. Cashless transactions, as inevitably forced down the people’s throat has found its way via PayTm and others, as they reportedly claim a 200% hike in transactions since November 8, 2016. Tax amnesty scheme and the probable, Benami land ownership are smart moves too.

What went wrong?

Historically, demonetisation has been implemented only under hyper inflationary circumstances. Using this traditional sequence of events as a point to counter the recent  policy is just the beginning of a tsunami of reasons that make this move alarmingly unrequited and political.

I believe that priorities matter. Is your concern to catch the offenders and their coffers or is it just to seize the stash of black money from their pockets? Well, for Modi & Co it’s certainly the latter. The very fact that bank employees are being “overworked” and the I-T department not, says it all.

This “overworked” is different in context from the usual one too, thereby making things worse. I’ll explain how: when banks are being put to function as centres of deposition of a defunct currency and withdrawal of the new one; pragmatically there’s no business going on within the banking sector. It has come to a giant halt.

In addition to this, the term “demonetization” in itself is very perplexing and questionable in the present times. It means to do away with a higher denomination currency. But in India, what has happened is not merely the warding off 500 and 1000 rupees notes but surprisingly, a higher denomination currency ie 2000 rupee notes, has been injected too. 

Speaking about history, right from Weimar Germany to Morarji Desai’s policy implementation demonetization has and as economists mostly point out, should only be executed in case of a presence of a very high denomination currency which is allegedly affordable only by the black marketers and hoarders of unaccounted cash. That currency can never be 86% of the total cash circulation!

In addition to this, by allowing farmers to transact with Rs 500 notes after very lately realizing that the timing of announcing the policy clashed with the sowing season, I doubt how this is going to work. It’s honestly strange! To say you’ve demonetized a currency and then to allow the major employer of your nation to transact in it is a paradigm in itself.
Moreover, perspectives matter more than facts when you try to analyse any economic policy. For me, money laundering at present will lead to financial inclusion of the unaccounted amounts of money but is this a win for the policymakers? Is this the aim with which the PM flagged off this policy? 

Rich business tycoons all over the country are dealing in black to save their prior savings and worse, get it converted into white and safely stored in bank accounts!! 

Explanation runs simple: say I’m a corporate business owner with 50 crores of black money in cash. I hire a CA who acts as an intermediary to find someone who has a bank overdraft of nearly the same amount. What happens next? The deal gets negotiated. The borrower from the bank agrees to clear his loan by paying 40 crores of cash to the bank, earns a certain commission in easing the wounds of the businessman and the CA goes home with a hefty commission too. 

The daily media reports which run the news that “6 lakh crores have been deposited in PSBs…” etc hail the policymakers but I’ve my doubts. If I’m able to park 80% of my black money in a bank by paying in black to the borrower and the CA in the process, how can the government see my deposits as their victory?!
The second story is very well known. You simply hunt for all your near and dear trustworthy ones whose bank accounts are really handy for you in the moment.

So to say that black money is being financially included through the regime ticks all the boxes right but to take this money laundering as a triumph against the battle of black money is naïveté.

To take the argument further, I don’t understand who throws the axe on one’s own poor feet? The supporters of the policy till now had one thing which could be considered a biggie to cheer about and sadly, it’s been taken away from them too. Enormous influx of cash in the banks was being taken as a sign of ease in lending rates and growth of credit market. Market stabilisation bonds were being eyed. But to make the matters worse, RBI has announced a CRR of 100% to strictly control the liquidity and thereby, possibly lead the lending rates unchanged. 
Second question that comes out of this is: why are the banks depositing the cash they’re accumulating as government securities and not increasing their loans with it? For PSBs, one can get that the lack of capital and NPAs make them unable but why aren’t the private banks stepping in?

What should’ve been done?

Instead of being so unrealistically quick in implementing the entire scheme in one go, the de facto leader should’ve launched it in steps. To begin with, real estate and gold transactions beyond a certain limit should’ve been made mandatory to be taken place online only. 14 lakh crores have been spent in printing the new “high security notes”, which’ve already been counterfeited in Chikmagloor, Bengaluru. (Counterfeiters in the business!)

RBI should’ve laid a greater impetus on market stabilisation bonds and should have speculated the falling stock market and currency in the ForEx market. Corrective measures should’ve been there in the hindsight.

This meeting of political agendas by fooling people will compromise the growth rate significantly and the nation will sadly still laugh at one of the major economic reformist of the nation: Dr Manmohan Singh. 

A policy which has already failed in India twice has been introduced to test the waters and glorify the “third time lucky” phrase.

Conclusively, I just cannot digest that such a macro move has been taken with so many miscalculations. 



​One more time,

I want to hear grandma’s tales which took me to paradise but this time, I won’t return.

One more time, 

I want to run at a pace which was never the fastest but this time, I still won’t stop.

One more time,

I want to wear those shorts that exposed my saggy thighs but this time I won’t feel ashamed.

One more time, 

I want to ask that doubt which made me look foolish but this time I won’t care.

One more time,

I want to be asked what makes me happy and this time, I won’t try to fit in!!!


Poets were weaving magic with lexicons that were the delirium of the streets; writers rekindling the same. “There is something wrong”, a boy with a baffled expression on his face quipped from the ghetto of lovers of all sorts… The drunkards, the mavericks, the hysterics and the sob story tellers.

He hated how his brothers were being hated for women who were trying to fit into sizes, most of them didn’t ask them to. Crashing on the floor while dieting, they got up just to accuse, “It’s you for whom we do that”.

Men were the crass of cacophony and the buzz of all loathful songs. 

And then, narrations were soaked in idealism; to elevate men and, to redeem men. To redeem them from the racist outfits of “the darker sex” which no one ever questioned.

They refurbished facts, smashing details on anyone who tried to default.  

“Men are called so only if they have a penis.”

 “Correct”, they approved.

“A man feels like a MAN only if the elongated penis makes its way up til the cervix.” 

“Foul! Sexism!!!”, they winced.

One among them marked another fury, thereby demanding his rights: 

“Alimony looms over me worse than banks seeking mortgage”

Etiquettes in the name of “Ladies first…” drained their time and energy very often, they complained with sore feet (after waiting for long in queues). 

Sexual abuse is always horrific. ‘Men empowerment movements’ and pressure groups were lost as were the ‘men’s protection rights’; thereby tying a noose around justice and fair treatment.

And in the end, when they lit cigarettes to protest against being robbed of freedom… They were laughed hysterically upon owing to the ruins (female suppression) by their ancestors. 


​When tendrils are wound around a string, growth results as formulated but is restricted and slow. It’s scientifically proven that for rapid growth, they should just be.

When kids are left to themselves, more the most they fail in being the stereotypical products but perhaps, they GROW.
We see them in girls squatting whilst forming the greatest possible angles at hamstrings, in boys who shave their legs and mavericks who chant loudly. We call them crazy/lunatic/indecent and trash them off.
Then we tune into videos of ‘the doers’ who submerge the following in neon colors such that no one sidelines it: “They’re the rebels, the misfits, the crazy ones… Who have and will always continue to DO things because they persist with their foolishness through the ordeals and never doubt themselves”. And the least and the most we then do is, nod our heads with that CEO/artist/sportsperson.

Notorious Nostalgia

​If we would have lacked the ability of carrying nostalgia then losing someone would’ve been less painful.

Think about this: When you die and stop breathing all at once, I won’t have to cry woefully recalling how you snored which were also “breaths” that I underrated till the time you were alive. As your nostrils would be stuffed with cotton buds to prevent the corpse from bloating, I wouldn’t have to sit there wondering how much sweat you’d drenched yourself in to prevent that belly from bloating. While the mob would embellish your funeral pyre with choicest “flowers”, I won’t have to regret not buying you the most fragrant “flowers” such that you could have blossomed with them whenever I took you to orchards and florists.


​I expect a lot of flak for posting this but… When a young chooses to be a jawaan; while undergoing training he’s made aware of the obvious: At any unprecedented moment, he would be expected to sacrifice his life for our nation. 

His parents, wife and children are nurtured throughout his life on the same virtues. They might not always agree (or sleep peacefully) in lieu of the risks that run with their son/father/husband on the battlefield but nevertheless, will always respect him for the very same like the entire nation.

In addition to this, there are MANY (trust me) soldiers who lose their lives while protecting us at international borders and even within the domestic territory but pass on to the heavens without any national recognition, only because it isn’t always (though mostly it is) Pakistan which attacks.

Maoists, Nepalese (because many Pakistani terrorists enter into India by taking advantage of porous IndoNepal border) and Chinese borders are threats too. Soldiers who become martyrs while being posted at north eastern frontiers are in no way less than a soldier who is serving at IndoPak border. They’ve families too!

Their families hardly receive any grants from the state (centre is obliged to grant Rs 5 lacs). Moreover, remittances in all glory, are a way to honour the martyr posthumously. In no way, it is the duty of the state to grant sums to the families which have incurred the loss of a son or a husband or a father with amounts compensatory enough such that the bearers of loss can carry a dignified life for forthcoming years.

Be it a widow refusing 5 lacs INR grant from the Nitish government or a mother trying to force it under the state executives’ throat to offer compensation; the demand is completely unjustified (a modest, sensitive plea shall be considered acceptable though) and is a passive attempt to corrode the dignity with which the jawaan laid down his life.

So, for once and for all, (especially for the Army soldiers posted on non IndoPak borders and BSF, CAPF jawaans alike) cut some slack for the executives by not giving into the unsolicited demands of the afflicted families.

Lastly, I would give a last try to make my point through an example. When you go to a temple and offer, say 101 INR to the religious deity; should the idol come to life and disown you? Because you just tried to evaluate majesty’s value as just Rs 101? Or while giving, say Rs 5100, to a newlywed couple; do you do so just because you estimate the couple to be worth 5100 rupees?


The amounts you offer as gifts or grants are never the value predictors of the recipient; they are just a token of love, honour and pride towards the same.

(And the widows/kids in dire need of a source of income have certain reservations in government jobs)

Jai Hind.


​You plan to meet her for lunch at 2pm. She reaches at 2:06 pm and calls you. You tell her that you’ll be there in 5, while still struggling to find your way out of the bed. She waits and waits, listening to your “just 15 minutes, 10, 5 and so on..” Every time she calls.

Finally, you reach! At 3:07 pm, and:

Case 1: Your terrible lies (because she anyway would’ve learned that you have taken more than 5 minutes which you first assured her) and unpunctuality, infuriate her. She barges at you for the same when you finally arrive.
Case 2: She sits there quietly, sliding the matter from the table and greets you warmly. You apologize (that also depends on the kind of person you’re) and she retorts with a gentle smile, “it’s fine!”
You find her over reactive under case 1 and mock her with “when a girl says I’m fine, she’s not.. Girls are so stupid, they don’t mean what they say.. Hahaha” under case 2 (as if you literally meant when you said “just 5 minutes”).
Moral: Men have mastered the art of making a woman appear dumb no matter what she does.
No, I’m not a male basher.

No, my previous two statements don’t contradict.

(Kudos to the men who couldn’t relate to this shit) 


Sliding through the crevasses in my heart, you let all the butterflies in my belly meander to the depths unfathomable… And tsh! You stealthily slip away as the grey fish in silvery waters under the scorching sun. The alarm of reality does so, to me, every time.
And I bite my teeth, fidget hands and tremble, “Will he be more than friends or none at all?” 

Sketching across your bare chest’s canvas, the pain that is synonymous to the temple of all human emotions; I faintly withdraw my hands as the curtain of reality falls abruptly. And you, still jovial and still exuberant, remain illusionary in the multi dimensional world. Never diminishing yet never approaching. Like a mirage.

As I try to fix all the digits right while working out the math whether you love me a little more or you just be chivalric; I just can’t terminate my perplexity even after all these years. 

Spelling it all out: Let’s just wince in pain and moan gracefully sans any need to conceal it, act strong or leave it indestructible? Cry me rivers and I’ll prick you thorns. Let’s just feel human?