I wish I’d the courage

If I love you volcanic lava deep and lunar crater high, chances are phenomenally bright that I’m the mildly confident, broadly indifferent person in front of you.

I lose sight, not the vision because that’s well in me but, the concoction which skims the evil of you. For example, your negligence towards me doesn’t ring a bell to bail you from my life but shrieks as a challenge: Am I a quitter? That too so early? Shouldn’t I just submerge myself in these flurry of emotions once more because it’s going to be worth the ordeal, like in dreamy novels and movies of paradise, at the end of it all and just drop another “subtle” hint?
I know you’re poison but I’m the crane necked peacock. I choose to consume you, my soul food.
You crawl in my sleep and wonder through me into creeks that are like veins carrying blood to heart.

Since you barely spare the time to see me through in reality, all I can say is I like the idea of YOU. I might not really know, how loud you cuss when deprived of something precious or the way you handle failure. Do you live for your dreams or your daily bread? Would you like to possess me/whosoever you fall for or will you just walk together, hand-in-hand?

I need to know all this and more because I’m the old school that immatures are terrified of. To me, your virtues matter more than the idea I’ve of you.

See, I told you: The vision is well in me. I know vaguely what I want from life and from you but I lose sight in your presence. I can’t see through the opaque demons in you. And I’m full from all your venoms and more yet never satisfied enough to not see you around me and not go crazy like: Yes! You’re here. So close that I can smell your breath and watch you play with spoons and scissors. Close enough to kind of decipher your phonic conversations with each caller that rings your phone. And then, suddenly far far away when you get up and bid goodbye!

And I might never be able to rationalise that what can be captivating, pulling, magnetic about a spectacled young man with tiny, wooly hair, bordering the forehead at awkward angles. Ears that are a size of the mankind, teeth exactly the opposite and nose, as short and fat as possible.

Okay! To all those guessing a benevolent heart and an even bigger emotion from him; let me break the ice.

He isn’t the one who shows rudimentary concerns about whether you’d food or not. Barely ever takes the initiative to call/text/ meet in person and is stone hearted to hear you melt if that’s what his mood dictates.

Everything about this guy is downright shrewd except for the moments in which you decide to withdraw your existence away from him permanently. Miraculously, then he blossoms into an ocean with smooth lined shores. He’ll tell you then he’ll sail through cyclones when you least expect him to cross over puddles for you.

And there you’re, with exfoliating skin that lays bare your naked soul which exists in locomotion. And she sits. She slips. She stands and she stumbles often. Into dreams that are visions and visions which are befuddled, sly, silly and shy.

Shy because they’ll be laughed at hysterically when confessed. Silly because dreams are just dreams, a light year apart from reality. Sly because somehow they have a way with destiny and befuddled because a fortune making destiny rarely knocks in, at the door of a lousy man.
So I boot up and walk straight into him and finally say it, “I…i..i.. love ummm… traveling”.



Perhaps, it is good to always be curious and seize. Seize the nuances of a new art form, the precision of an artistically challenged individual and the success mantra of the invincible. Perhaps, if there’s nothing to learn there’s nothing to live for and thereby, nothing to die for.

Coronation of someone as a Jack of all trades has come at the cost of being master of none from times immemorial. Literature dictates how someone holding a sturdy command over myriad arenas falls like nine pins in front of the one who’s immaculate in exactly one thing.

Raising fingers at adages seems cool unless you’re an old school. But bereft of sounding all cool and wayward, let’s derive some logic to counter this one. Putting it across simply, you just CAN’T be a master in one without being a Jack of all trades. Say, you want to hone your skills precisely in cricket. What do you do? Hit a ball all around the park throughout the day? Bowl over to three pale stumps infinitesimally? Definitely not!

You start with athletics. You run and run till you realize that the challenge isn’t to beat anyone else less the little voice in your heart that wants to give up. You boost your stamina this way. Then, you exercise and learn that every push up, squat, lunge and plank are important. Strengthening of core is inevitable. Nutritious diet plan is extremely significant. You toil in the sun, in rain and in storm to push your limits up. Not undermining the fact that you abhor every drop of sweat drenching your body yet you do it all. And ultimately, when you take field after such meticulous efforts, you see the silver lining!

Your throws are now like arrows on the dart board: accurate and quick. Your ball races up with pace too, swinging here and there at will, and the focus and the consistency to hit the deck hard again and again at right areas springs up from under your sleeves like a genie. While batting, your endurance to see the bowlers through under the scorching sun becomes less perturbing and hand-eye coordination notches up as well. And, that’s how winning is done.

You see, for being a Virat Kohli you need not be another Bolt or Tyson. You just need to be a Jack who can run decently and is fairly strong. And this is merely the physical context we’ve covered up by now. High tensile mental strength is a necessary condition to be fulfilled too, if you want to win it big. Soaking up all the pressure like a sponge, battling illnesses at times, overcoming losses of things and people near and dear, humility, benevolence all contribute to your success. One way to achieve this is meditation and from where I can see, probably, the only way.

In addition to this, travelling to different places for various tournaments can be invigorating too if you’re not accustomed to changes and a minimalistic lifestyle. Eventually, a lot of mental, physical and personal training remains an ongoing process throughout the journey.

Conclusively, being a master in one turned out to be a process comprehending sparse parts of an extremely larger universe.



Just like decorating oneself is a privilege, so is embellishing your sweet home. In the daily juggernaut of work and life, one often misses out on pampering their sour walls and clichéd couches.
Summer break has always been rejuvenating for your skin and soul; spare this time a few moments for adorning your bedroom and furniture too?
Juggling between latest fashion gizmos and budget constraints, home decor can be one heck of a job. Here are a few summery cool ideas to jazz up your house a notch higher.

1. Go for green.
Green is the divinity of nature and an epitome of prosperity. It provides one with a refreshing tinge of life to break the monotony and daily repetitiveness. So, color your walls green with a crispy or velvety touch to ensure that the enlivening atmosphere persists not just outside but even within the four walled chamber.

2. Use artwork and paintings.

It isn’t always a good idea to buy that painting from the auction or exhibition, you know. Sometimes just let your creative juices flow on the canvas or derive something artistic from the old casket of bottles! They will seize more eye balls than a commercial piece of art.

3. Use flowers.

Blooming buds or bushy galleries, the charm of flora is one of a kind. Terrace gardens, flower vases or balcony flower pots; the vividness, the fragrance and the exuberance they bring is no clandestine to any man on Earth.

4. Set up a sassy table in your backyard or front lawn.

Those extra hours of sunlight in summers should warm old family bonds by having meals together in the lap of nature.

5. Use party themes.

If you are a live wire and crave for everything eccentric, then why leave your house behind from grooving to your music? Go for flashy lights and lanterns, floor pillows and swanky cutleries, such that next time you put your dancing shoes on… Your house cooperates.

6. Rearrange your furniture and update the old one.

No matter how dear that dressing table is to you, once in a blue moon giving your furniture an ultra-modern touch is a requisite. (see Summer Decor )

7. Use fashionable fabrics.

Ditch that old bed sheet which looks a century old and opt for floral prints and botanical shades this summer. Make it a point to change your curtains, table covers et al every now and then such that your guests always have something new to look up for.

8. Scent up your house with freshness.

Use cucumber, melon and peach flavored scents to always make you feel vibrant and positive.

9. Rush open the back doors and the window panes of your house unlike winters, to bask in the glowing sun and lightening up the interiors of your house as well.

10. Set the mood at your place with graphical napkins and cocktail glasses, and enjoy a drink with your loved ones.

Such arrangements are always pleasing to the eye and novel too!

Apart from these supercool ideas; there must be so much more going through your head, right? Well these were a paltry sum of ideas from the box of overflowing home décor suggestions that are light on your pocket. I hope they spread happiness and goodwill in your sweet homes.



Individual sports have still got it easy, at least in relativity. You can bleed in sweat to reach the pinnacle of success singlehandedly if the perseverance is to the mark.

What robs of my sleep is the knowledge that there can be 2 girls in a cricket team, moving boulders to surmount glory; 4 in a soccer one and 3 in hockey who’re made of the same grit and vigour.

But, to their woes the incompetency will be dodged by the remainder of the team. Thus, quite unwillingly, they perish!

Kudos to the steely hearts who still fight everyday because they believe too much in “one wo-man shows” and “match winners” !!!

You’re worth every dream and hope.


From being the hush of a locomotive engine, it creepily crawls into an uneventful conundrum: “Am I the zenith? The murmur of the chirpy aerial characters? The grandeur of the villas? And the silvery spark of the lakes?”

“Or, the perennially oscillating advanced apes hopping in/out the city? The motion of the chaotic engines? The vividness of shoppers’ paradise?”

“It is an autocrat with plutocratic souls resting in its palaces and forts: all international. It is a peasant housed with herds of guides and travel agents and camel riders: all local”, is how I mull about my sojourn with remarkable difficulty.

Anyway, whoever you’re, whatever you’re, I hope you’re, you just are… Immortally like an always and never like a yesterday. May you always envelope your crisply edged Aravalis in the darkness of the sky as the naughty moon attempts to mar its beauty. May the sun Gods always embellish your scars with intricacy and placidity as the blackness gets dispelled, every single time.

The city of lakes retains its perplexity unlike the iridescent travelers, tourists, backpackers or whatever you summon yourself/others. May its paradigm smoothen all irregularly curved turmoils of your life, your own universe in the compactness of Earth’s infinity.