‚ÄčI expect a lot of flak for posting this but… When a young chooses to be a jawaan; while undergoing training he’s made aware of the obvious: At any unprecedented moment, he would be expected to sacrifice his life for our nation. 

His parents, wife and children are nurtured throughout his life on the same virtues. They might not always agree (or sleep peacefully) in lieu of the risks that run with their son/father/husband on the battlefield but nevertheless, will always respect him for the very same like the entire nation.

In addition to this, there are MANY (trust me) soldiers who lose their lives while protecting us at international borders and even within the domestic territory but pass on to the heavens without any national recognition, only because it isn’t always (though mostly it is) Pakistan which attacks.

Maoists, Nepalese (because many Pakistani terrorists enter into India by taking advantage of porous IndoNepal border) and Chinese borders are threats too. Soldiers who become martyrs while being posted at north eastern frontiers are in no way less than a soldier who is serving at IndoPak border. They’ve families too!

Their families hardly receive any grants from the state (centre is obliged to grant Rs 5 lacs). Moreover, remittances in all glory, are a way to honour the martyr posthumously. In no way, it is the duty of the state to grant sums to the families which have incurred the loss of a son or a husband or a father with amounts compensatory enough such that the bearers of loss can carry a dignified life for forthcoming years.

Be it a widow refusing 5 lacs INR grant from the Nitish government or a mother trying to force it under the state executives’ throat to offer compensation; the demand is completely unjustified (a modest, sensitive plea shall be considered acceptable though) and is a passive attempt to corrode the dignity with which the jawaan laid down his life.

So, for once and for all, (especially for the Army soldiers posted on non IndoPak borders and BSF, CAPF jawaans alike) cut some slack for the executives by not giving into the unsolicited demands of the afflicted families.

Lastly, I would give a last try to make my point through an example. When you go to a temple and offer, say 101 INR to the religious deity; should the idol come to life and disown you? Because you just tried to evaluate majesty’s value as just Rs 101? Or while giving, say Rs 5100, to a newlywed couple; do you do so just because you estimate the couple to be worth 5100 rupees?


The amounts you offer as gifts or grants are never the value predictors of the recipient; they are just a token of love, honour and pride towards the same.

(And the widows/kids in dire need of a source of income have certain reservations in government jobs)

Jai Hind.



There’s an adult in the orphanage with two sets of potential parents. Both are willing to go to any extent for procuring the young adult who has suffered all her life but is still resplendently beautiful.
The administrators of the orphanage give the orphan the choice to self select one couple as parents from now on.

Both couples lure the child by promising her nutrition, protection and opportunities to grow and learn in their respective homes.
But the child is adamantly reluctant as she chooses freedom over subjugation of either couple.
So both parents bribe the administrator, seek underworld’s help and use force to assert ownership on the dazzling beauty against her will.
Yes, living under the fortification all through her life, she now craves for the atmosphere where she can make her own mistakes and convert some of them into triumphs.
Unfair as life is, she fights battles against the systems in place, bleeding every now and then. All because the two claimants don’t even care about what she wants rather choose to settle the matter over never-ending fights amongst themselves.
Trenched warfares follow guerilla wars and arrays of bullets.  Add to this, danger at the terrestrial borders, discomfort at the naval bases and threats looming in the aerial drones. 
The young girl is terrified, always floating in terror of further turbulence with her nose just above water.
She’s wounded by pellet guns and raped  by the so-called protectors from either side perennially but still searching.
Searching for the deafening alarm bell that rings in the ears of both India and Pakistan. And shouts out loud and clear, to put an end to their intents to subjugate a territory by forcefully acting as parental bodies. 
May Kashmir (the orphan) hail one day!