There you are! With plethora of dreams and bucketful of courage to pursue them wholeheartedly!

And, here’s life! Amused, befuddled, agnostic, asking you to rip off that skin plum with prejudices, orthodoxy, fear and uncertainty.

Today, an eighteen year old body feeling like a twenty one freshly out of school is carved. There are websites and everything online advising you to travel the world and check whether it really ends at the two poles or something unfolds beyond that. To travel because you’re young, free and raring to go.

But I know you’re somewhere timid, restless and irresolute too. So travel the girth of your soul, circumference of your brain and create yourself first.

All your life, till now, you’ve painted sketches, played sports, orated, danced, acted and did what not.

But now tables might turn as your parents, friends, teachers, relatives and all, will ask you to take up engineering or law, in good faith and with all benign intentions.

Engineering is great and so is law, MBBS, banking and so forth. You’ll hopefully mint money, a huge pile of it!

You’ll slog at ridiculous hours of the day to build an empire of that sort, with janitors, chauffeurs all in plenty in your big mansion. For the early years, returning from work at anytime might give your sparkly eyes the quintessential elation of returning to a grandeur like that and call it ‘home’. But then you might feel that you’re so lonely for all such extravaganza!

And then twenty years later, you’ll have a wife, suffering from postpartum. You’ll fix for nannies to look after your creation, nurses to look after your wife and yet she’ll moan that she longs for you, caressing her tresses and singing lullabies. And you’re going to feel so shattered, petty and brittle.

Thirty years later, your kids will vie to have you in the front row when they climb up on stage for doing something breath taking. You’ll promise them that you’re going to catch up on that video recording of the event whenever you get time.

Forty years later, your parents will be in frail health, meek and tender, still praying like they always have to meet you once before they close their eyes forever. You’ll call them up and tell that you’re sorry, that things turned out this way and you’d to fly miles away. And they’ll just forgive you, like they always have.

Stephen Hawkins probably was initially reluctant to conform to the existence of black hole sucking this universe slowly and steadily, because he could see the fellow humans sucking their lives all by themselves, all the time!

Does that mean, you stop pushing so hard for this college admission, that job, those startup ideas or tournaments/theatre plays/painting exhibitions?

I’m quite supportive of the thought: one size never fits all.

This lifestyle might do wonders for someone that you know but that doesn’t always mean that ‘someone’ is you or even close. He might come back from his official tour after a few weeks to his newborn and wife and restore the normalcy within moments. His kids would gradually learn to appreciate their dad’s praises galore on phone after he’d watched the video and his parents will perhaps live a little longer until he returns to see them.

He’ll sew the oddities in order, make fluctuations in daily life the norm and quickly absolve to all whims and fancies that come in association with them.

You, on the other hand, might not have the passion and the conviction to commit, give in, surrender all your time, space and energy into that labyrinth. However, this doesn’t imply that you’re hollow, less of a person, troublesome, whatever…

Just like there’s diversity in religion, region, caste, financial background so are there vagaries in personality types, ways of thinking, passions, virtues and visions.

Money brings in food to the table, a school bag on your kid’s petite shoulders, roof to the four walls and opportunities to travel, to learn a new skill, aura in society and unmatchable healthcare.

But, anti depressants never guarantee a good sleep, accolades from next door neighbour are never enough to entice your own spouse, all new skill development courses don’t assure a nice humane personality, even luxury travel discriminates against an unhealthy lifestyle, more rooms makes family grow farther, mechanically (under nannies, tutors etc) raised children are abstained from childhood and more food means acidity, obesity, gym memberships and insecurities.

So here I urge you all to stand up and take charge of your life. Figure out what you can do for a lifetime without complaining, sobbing and what always makes you go curious; never drop it off! If that thing is academics, then right away follow that trail and if it isn’t, then always accompany it with your studies. Trust me, it never becomes too much.

In fact, this is the only way to find yourself. Life this way will eventually turn out different, there will be fewer dishes on the dinner table, a smaller car, a tiny apartment but you’ll be fulfilled from within. Withdrawing yourself from this sense of satisfaction is a grave, grave blunder. No one around you stays placid unless you’re.

Today, your parents will frown at you, neighbor might laugh over your dreams and friends will call you insane, but those who really matter will eventually understand. Travel this journey before you travel the world, it’s perpetual, personality enhancing and positivity-radiating.

You’re, where your heart lies!



As I squatted down chewing the graphite of my pencil, mulling over the paper, the unsung sagas of the sources of life: WOMEN, my mind worked like the shaft of a motor’s rotor, not able to adjudge the beginning and termination of the woeful vicious circles.

We are brought up in a land where every natural water body is considered pious and has a tale to tell, and the innumerable peaks are considered to be the abodes of various mythological heroes(I doubt their divinity though).

So today I meditated about the above highlighted theme, in accordance with the perennial reverberations on “Women’s safety and empowerment” by the news channels who are selling it like hot cakes and cold beer, I thought of reacquainting myself with certain “facts of the matter” while treading on this topic.

These news channels vociferate that the wincing cries in pain of women are only heard by the deaf ‘government and police’, and hence they have to undergo meticulous scrutinization yielding in myriad stigmas on their personalities.

But I claim for their innocence in such cases, and interrogate every complainant that in a nation where women are coveted to be goddesses: the banks of wisdom and the drains of wealth; why should such divine creatures pull out pepper sprays from their kitchen shelves and use it for self-defense from the delirious beasts instead of just using it for seasoning their pasta?

Why is the biological layout of a woman such that it surpasses through layers of lewd comments and fear in the hearts and minds of women whenever they engage in flings? Why are they the ones who lack in physical endurance and strength and have to creep over a guy (Be it even a bodyguard let alone father, brother, husband etc) in hours of calamities and endless sufferings? When we are preached to be committed to only one being in our lives via the religious texts then why do we worship the gods who practised polygamy? Put at stake their wife while gambling?

It is just because we all are gigantic hypocrites who are corroding the society and its dwellers so mildly that we won’t realize it till one day, the dawn breaks itself directly into dusk, yes, I mean it, with dearth of sunshine.

Police can never ever be vigilant enough to break the shackles of houses and catch the rapists red hand. It’s the all mighty-almighty who can and he’s probably relishing such events and that’s why we still have to look for scapegoats in the patrolling and the governance.

It’s He who has made female a second sex and it is in His name that we manifest women equivalent to several goddesses and the giver of life.

I would wrap it up with one short story: Few days ago I came across a mother consoling her two year old son by saying that “why don’t you let me dress up smartly by being quiet ….aren’t you interested in luring girls in school?”.

And that’s where we as humans are wrong, yes, there…where Women (that mom in this case) don’t respect themselves. .

Without a doubt that child was clueless about what his mom said but the sad part is that he will grow up under her guidance and one day imbibe from her that girls are meant to be lured, to be treated as sex objects, and even that day without a pinch of hint of what’s going on, he will obey his mother and trust her blindfolded.

I ask, where is the boy wrong? We all are raised by our parents, taught what they wished us to learn and where was the scope in our formative years to doubt our parents’ upbringing?

But I know that, 20 years later, we will blame that boy for being an animal, but what else can a being be bereft of the one he is trained to be?

Notorious Nostalgia

​If we would have lacked the ability of carrying nostalgia then losing someone would’ve been less painful.

Think about this: When you die and stop breathing all at once, I won’t have to cry woefully recalling how you snored which were also “breaths” that I underrated till the time you were alive. As your nostrils would be stuffed with cotton buds to prevent the corpse from bloating, I wouldn’t have to sit there wondering how much sweat you’d drenched yourself in to prevent that belly from bloating. While the mob would embellish your funeral pyre with choicest “flowers”, I won’t have to regret not buying you the most fragrant “flowers” such that you could have blossomed with them whenever I took you to orchards and florists.


​Michael hussey started learning cricket at 23 and made his debut at the age of 30. Pravin Tambe starred in IPL at 42 while Brad Hodge continued till 42. Zaheer Khan had started at 17 in the domestic circuit. 

On the other hand, Misbah ul Haq hit his tenth test ton internationally at 42 at Lord’s.

Age is a number, they say. And we should stop minding numbers, they say. But so are the records which are made and the ones which are broken. The birthdays you celebrate, the bills I pay, the salary you receive, the pounds I shed off are all numbers. The most suicidal of them all, marks: yours and mine is a combination of digits as well. 
So compressively, how far will you go to keep them at bay? The answer to this can be numerical too.

Numbers were brought into civilisation so as to ration goods and compare the poverty levels. They are incessantly used significantly while issuing financial budgets and speed of the fastest automobile and such numbers don’t disturb.

However, if I pinpoint the losses you’ve incurred or the time you’ve wasted, you’re motivated enough to rebound; to smash my face in the spiritual channels of “numbers are mindless”. 


​Whoever I’m bound to meet has a story to tell: that of being cheated and of being wrongly accused, or even molested. It seems like either I come across only exactly half of the world, the one which is victimised and rendered hapless, or else, everyone in this world is a victim to every other thing. If the latter is true, then it can be easily squeezed to one sentence: Everyone just reveals their wounds with sob stories to narrate; and conceals the demons within themselves, the ones which inertly demolish other beings, their passions, hopes and their souls.


Perhaps, it is good to always be curious and seize. Seize the nuances of a new art form, the precision of an artistically challenged individual and the success mantra of the invincible. Perhaps, if there’s nothing to learn there’s nothing to live for and thereby, nothing to die for.

Coronation of someone as a Jack of all trades has come at the cost of being master of none from times immemorial. Literature dictates how someone holding a sturdy command over myriad arenas falls like nine pins in front of the one who’s immaculate in exactly one thing.

Raising fingers at adages seems cool unless you’re an old school. But bereft of sounding all cool and wayward, let’s derive some logic to counter this one. Putting it across simply, you just CAN’T be a master in one without being a Jack of all trades. Say, you want to hone your skills precisely in cricket. What do you do? Hit a ball all around the park throughout the day? Bowl over to three pale stumps infinitesimally? Definitely not!

You start with athletics. You run and run till you realize that the challenge isn’t to beat anyone else less the little voice in your heart that wants to give up. You boost your stamina this way. Then, you exercise and learn that every push up, squat, lunge and plank are important. Strengthening of core is inevitable. Nutritious diet plan is extremely significant. You toil in the sun, in rain and in storm to push your limits up. Not undermining the fact that you abhor every drop of sweat drenching your body yet you do it all. And ultimately, when you take field after such meticulous efforts, you see the silver lining!

Your throws are now like arrows on the dart board: accurate and quick. Your ball races up with pace too, swinging here and there at will, and the focus and the consistency to hit the deck hard again and again at right areas springs up from under your sleeves like a genie. While batting, your endurance to see the bowlers through under the scorching sun becomes less perturbing and hand-eye coordination notches up as well. And, that’s how winning is done.

You see, for being a Virat Kohli you need not be another Bolt or Tyson. You just need to be a Jack who can run decently and is fairly strong. And this is merely the physical context we’ve covered up by now. High tensile mental strength is a necessary condition to be fulfilled too, if you want to win it big. Soaking up all the pressure like a sponge, battling illnesses at times, overcoming losses of things and people near and dear, humility, benevolence all contribute to your success. One way to achieve this is meditation and from where I can see, probably, the only way.

In addition to this, travelling to different places for various tournaments can be invigorating too if you’re not accustomed to changes and a minimalistic lifestyle. Eventually, a lot of mental, physical and personal training remains an ongoing process throughout the journey.

Conclusively, being a master in one turned out to be a process comprehending sparse parts of an extremely larger universe.


Triumphs of glorious battles,

in the silence of chaotic mind rattles;

every vein that brought unfathomable love,

from all parts of the body along with blood.

Fragile fingers bled until numb,

as onlookers’ judgments crumbled me lifeless and dumb.

My lifelong dreams stood for the display rhetorically,

as they called me lunatic quite gleefully.

Those torturous remarks put myself into doubt,

as the chatterers chattered with a fictitious clout.

Breaking my bones with echoes of those verbal jabs every night,

they left my feet trembling with dwindling self confidence under the sun light.

Now, how can I believe that there are places in the world to be crept,

Bereft of the four walled chamber where I just wept and wept?!

And there are things to be done and clothes to be bought,

because life isn’t just a battle; in my mind which I always fought?!

When my bereaved eyes catch the young hearts kissing,

I realize, there is some part of my soul which had gone missing.

But with time, they say everything gets healed,

Sadly, they don’t get that every inch of my spirit against love, is now sealed.

Now daily as I hear the phone ringing,

while declining the call I begin lurching,

Not because it is a wrong number which you’ve been dialling,

but because I’m no longer the person that you’ve been searching.


As the nights grew to the darkest skies,
Daily she’d pray, as on the bed she lies.
That someday she’ll wake up to a guy,
Who won’t offer excuses to buy.

“It was you after all”, some had said,
“We’d to give it a try”, others proclaimed.
And it isn’t sweet at the end of the day,
When once you promised her your heart where she could forever lay.

She is self dependent, bold and confident,
Like the one who’s in the dreams of men as the best confidante.
Too much sunshine, they say, to not be felt,
How could the hearts of a million she not melt?!


Everyone crept into her life to try fitting in the frame,
And cognized that why storms get people’s name.
And that’s when the cowardice among all sets in,
None can now bear the reality that she isn’t like any other mannequin.

She takes her own decisions and voices her views,
And is independent enough to clear off all her dues.
They long for a girl now, who needs dropping back home,
Once after galloping beer after beer she’s out of her own.

They realize that she only looks panoramic from a distance,
And suits a man who is made up of some rare substance.
Till then life keeps on pouring baits,
But now for “the one” she waits.

-D. Sharma


The intrinsic life

She sought solace in nature as she marched towards an ancient pond under the night sky. She glanced towards the moon hoping to voice her sob story but found it occupied in reincarnating itself under the calm waters of the pond. She then, turned towards the pond in quench of expressing herself but it was busy alluring the scarred moon. Then, she glimpsed at the sky once more and got glued to the twinkling stars. The stars were hired by the mourners of the deceased and were learning their new names. Names of aunts, uncles, friends, parents and children who’d passed from this unforgiving earth to a place no one knows but few (specially, priests and elderly) will claim they know. Lonely, more than before she felt as none had time for her. “I’m the only person I can depend upon”, she muttered. She drew her feet closer to the hips as she settled on hoarse gravels and got her mind worried with her career, her choices and her life decisions. “Pursuing your passion is never going to be easy but will be worth it”, she’d mugged this one liner for some petty exam to secure good grades a few months back but failed to apply in life when it mattered. Obedience was what her parents expected from her and excellence in academics was what her teachers had wished for her. After all, she’d always been a bright student with keen indulgence in extra curricular activities and sports, but who knew before that volleyball was what her heart had always desired. Dedication towards the sport would mean disobeying her parents who saw an IAS officer in her. “She might be a bit distracted due to hormonal imbalances”, her teachers had cited on learning about this novel vocation. Wincing in pain with her head buried between the knees she wondered, could she disappoint the womb once she homed because of some stupid sport? Nature was still engaged in all those earlier mentioned ordeals and she was scared of the sufferings she’ll have to endure on the path and the people she would be upsetting.
“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself and no heart has ever suffered in pursuit of its passion. The ones who genuinely love you will always escort you in your journey even if they are annoyed in the beginning”, chewed the paper which was carved into an airplane that fell nearby under the dim streetlights.
Gleefully, she outstretched her legs on the sands and placed her head on the hard rock and slept soundly. The arena near the pond was considered quite unsafe during the dark hours like rest of the country but in her head she thought, “It is time now for the wolves to know that a lioness sleeps among them”




We all are born out of nothingness, even better from assholes. Humans are deuterstomes which means that at one point of time as a developing embryo we all were nothing but assholes and adjusting the lens’ focus today is like reassuring oneself that some embryos just never developed beyond that stage. Long we’ve heard to the tales of a terrible caterpillar which transformed into a flamboyant butterfly. The caterpillar gang lamented her for changing herself, they wanted her to get back to being that ugly little caterpillar, but she had wings. Such gangs of caterpillars are those assholes who never seek for maturity in life, forget wisdom.

Lo and behold! The whim in the wings of that butterfly. She frees herself from all things that weigh her down, and uses all her brute force to overcome GRAVITY and soars high, up she goes!

Now just look up there and you’ll see so many stars than ever before where the butterfly soared. They burn brighter and they shine longer and they never vanish into your periphery when you turn your head. It is as if they come out for us and to remind us that their light took so long to come to us, that if we never had the patience to wait, to endure, we never would have seen them, tonight, like this.

That as much as it hurts, sometimes it’s all you can do, wait; sometimes bereft of and other times with GRAVITY (graveness)  and keep shining knowing that eventually, your light will reach where it is supposed to reach and shine for whom it is supposed to shine for.

It is never easy, but it is always worth it.

Now look down to within yourselves and voila! You ripped your soul apart to keep others whole. Right from our schooling days, we’re taught that there is a universal force exercised by two bodies onto each other known as GRAVITY. But now that we’ve passed school and seen life through higher focused lenses, I doubt is GRAVITY really such a universal might that it is sufficient enough to keep two bodies together? Rapists, GRAVITY will save you from your next hearing. Cupid, GRAVITY says it is natural to stay together then why you be the God?

Kinematics tells us about the effect of gravity on the sun and the moon. It explains the wonderment with which the sun, the moon and the waves amaze us (namely, the high tide and the low tide). It makes us realize that how much loved the sea is! Probably, this love of gravity is the reason which pulls lovers and beloveds towards it. Perhaps, it is the reason behind people settling down on the loose grains of sands, drawing their feet closer to the hip, wrapping their legs with their own arms and just imagining the aura created by this intimacy through a lover. Perhaps, this love due to gravity is the reason behind serenity even in the maximum cities like Mumbai and Sydney.

But, can GRAVITY explain the art behind sharing naked souls than just bodies, please? Can it confirm to me that “exercising force onto each other” is so lowly human while “sharing each other’s soul, scars and wounds” is divine and beyond any definition any science textbook can offer? If the answer to the latter is in negation, then sorry dear gravity, but I disown you. Maybe, you’ve to go back from where it all started to understand that even your source of origin had an origin from an asshole (we’re talking about the birth of Newton).

To fly high, we’ve to surpass gravity (forget the space shuttles) and just remember the butterfly I mentioned, even she overcomes it. To unite as one rather than just stay together by exercising force, we’ve to defy gravity. To shine brighter than before, we’ve to leave gravity and focus on our more practical actions with endurance and patience. So fundamentally, is gravity even needed to carry out life if all we’ve to do with gravity is plain aversion?

Yes, it is. We can only become great if we surpass something, overcome something, leave something and defy other things. Gravity serves all these purposes and pushes us forward to take that leap of faith and commit fully to whatever we want to do in life, after all even a push is a force!

Conclusively, now just look at the jugadu Indians.  Movie GRAVITY shelled out more bucks than Mangalyaan! Kudos.

One word, many definitions. GRAVITY.