“Is that too much to ask for?” Part II

But she was adamant. Adamant for not becoming a granny who whines about life offered her lemons when she sought peaches. Those tanned pages of every book she’d read in past on meticulous struggle, uncountable sacrifices on the path to glory and the will to adhere in every given circumstance kept her alive. 

Adira wanted to be Adira. 

Is that too much to ask for?

Her parents were bursting magnanimously on her for choosing cricket as a career option till yesterday but today morning, they wore layers of insecurities than the usual fury. Cluelessness did to them what a steady and determined spirit did to her: minds were blown but in opposite directions.


Poets were weaving magic with lexicons that were the delirium of the streets; writers rekindling the same. “There is something wrong”, a boy with a baffled expression on his face quipped from the ghetto of lovers of all sorts…


We see them in girls squatting whilst forming the greatest possible angles at hamstrings, in boys who shave their legs and mavericks who chant loudly. We call them crazy/lunatic/indecent and trash them off.


Maoists, Nepalese (because many Pakistani terrorists enter into India by taking advantage of porous IndoNepal border) and Chinese borders are threats too. Soldiers who become martyrs