Birthday fever

What is the creepiest thing that society accepts as a cultural norm? by Dylan MacIntyre


We Don’t Know

You know those lazy mornings? The ones when you’re bludgeoning to go, energized with the plan for the day; yet think to stay a couple of hours in bed figuring out where you’re actually going in life?

Do you know those speeches? Yes, the ones you rehearsed maybe a thousand times a day for days; yet drop you numb like… Like it’ll all be over the moment you say it.

I know them too. I bury them underneath my generous smiles which might not be as alluring as yours but nonetheless are fake too.

I’m that person who’ll tell you that it’s not the offenders errand to not  hurt you and by the end of the night, will excavate a corner at the edge of the bed and cry for feeling less of myself because of someone’s words and actions too. 

I’ll tell you you’re lovable yet won’t know how to love you in the most perfect way.

I’ll preach you to choose your boyfriend over your math class, because the former has the potential of outliving a forever or maybe lasting a forever. But when the ball will be in my court, forget about missing the lecture, I won’t even spare a thought to quit my revision either.

I was strictly advised to be focussed on my career during my childhood, and then suddenly degraded for not dressing up like those pretty girls as I neared my 20. And today as they take on to be the social media queens, I try to recall where did I miss that magic wand which transformed them from clueless kids to charismatic chicks? 

To all my questions, I get just one answer: This world knows nothing and they’ll tell you everything except just that.