​You plan to meet her for lunch at 2pm. She reaches at 2:06 pm and calls you. You tell her that you’ll be there in 5, while still struggling to find your way out of the bed. She waits and waits, listening to your “just 15 minutes, 10, 5 and so on..” Every time she calls.

Finally, you reach! At 3:07 pm, and:

Case 1: Your terrible lies (because she anyway would’ve learned that you have taken more than 5 minutes which you first assured her) and unpunctuality, infuriate her. She barges at you for the same when you finally arrive.
Case 2: She sits there quietly, sliding the matter from the table and greets you warmly. You apologize (that also depends on the kind of person you’re) and she retorts with a gentle smile, “it’s fine!”
You find her over reactive under case 1 and mock her with “when a girl says I’m fine, she’s not.. Girls are so stupid, they don’t mean what they say.. Hahaha” under case 2 (as if you literally meant when you said “just 5 minutes”).
Moral: Men have mastered the art of making a woman appear dumb no matter what she does.
No, I’m not a male basher.

No, my previous two statements don’t contradict.

(Kudos to the men who couldn’t relate to this shit) 


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