Sliding through the crevasses in my heart, you let all the butterflies in my belly meander to the depths unfathomable… And tsh! You stealthily slip away as the grey fish in silvery waters under the scorching sun. The alarm of reality does so, to me, every time.
And I bite my teeth, fidget hands and tremble, “Will he be more than friends or none at all?”

Sketching across your bare chest’s canvas, the pain that is synonymous to the temple of all human emotions; I faintly withdraw my hands as the curtain of reality falls abruptly. And you, still jovial and still exuberant, remain illusionary in the multi dimensional world. Never diminishing yet never approaching. Like a mirage.

As I try to fix all the digits right while working out the math whether you love me a little more or you just be chivalric; I just can’t terminate my perplexity even after all these years.

Spelling it all out: Let’s just wince in pain and moan gracefully sans any need to conceal it, act strong or leave it indestructible? Cry me rivers and I’ll prick you thorns. Let’s just feel human?



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