​Devoid of patriarchy and matriarchy, masculism and feminism, lies a world which hasn’t been contracted into labyrinths of humongous feasts and fiery rituals. Anecdotal edifices and abominations of lives lost to sacred fires of matrimony. 

Overdress, paint the face, fake a smile and you’re done! Not to forget, those skimpy high heels that won’t spare you from the woes of wiggly toes on your wedding day and myriad days to follow.
With respect to a disturbed mind and the inability of not so grandly awakened and inherent wisdom of mine to deduce the pursuits of happiness, I hereby interrogate.

Till when will we pompously mark the valediction of bride turned effigies from their homes emphasizing on the universality of the ritual? Till when will we escalate them onto the podia mentioning about the sacrifices they make while quitting jobs and looking after homes instead of making the world a better place such that they don’t have to call it quits? Sacrifices they make when they can’t see their parents for days because they’ve to parent someone else? 

What’s worth the chaotic dancing and drooling delicacies in this? Worth the bank notes spent; as if they weren’t earned from the laboriousness of years but by emptying a stranger’s coffers overnight? 


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