​Her mother snatched away the dupatta she was veiling her face with. Her innocent voice protesting to play petty household games like other girls passed across the deaf ears.

Her father, compelled her to sweat harder and combat stronger when other girls began steering away from outdoor sports. Her plea to stay occupied in latest fashion gizmos as a delicate and motionless lump was dumped in the trash bins of uselessness.

With bruised knees and battered hopes, she sprinted, when getting up became insurmountable for the ordinary. Smothered the scorching sun with her frosty bite in the sport, wreaked havoc in the opponents’ tents, smiled and moved forth to demolish the next battalion. And voila! Toiling meticulously with stringent zeal and draining methods, she eventually smelled success. And that’s how she built a legacy!

Today, she towers over the shadows she once wanted to stay limited to. Couldn’t thank her parents enough for the gigantic difference.


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