He knows how to cuddle and seek personal pleasures in the name of consolation when you’re crying. He knows how to be doting and sweet in your eyes by asking you to let him carry your feather weight bag. With a timing extremely accurate and words purely apt, he can make you laugh like no one can because he’s experience of luring girls backing him. He’s well acquainted with the impact of “you look like a descendant from the heaven” and “most beautiful girl on the planet inside out” as he’s gotten away with them uncountable number of times. 

Well versed with the fact that like any other person even you’ll be the weakest, down to your last 2 percent after midnight; he makes that call and texts those mushy messages to you.. The ones that invade right from your bare and raw chest into your soul, slowly and too beautifully, giving you ample amount of time to talk to day and night. Promises to drop you after that party where you made out with no pre-plans and he just pretended to show similar tentativeness, payments of bills and purchases of those things you love which etched his irresponsibly uttered “forever together” in your heart were all well charted out. You smelled his wild and exorcist behavioral patterns as chivalry. Gradually, learnt about his wayward ways and fake concerns. Got cheated. Regretted. And cried. Sobbed enough? Time for making the right choice? Maybe, here’s how.

Look for the one who doesn’t instagram every nude picture in front of that gym mirror. Terribly shy and awkward to talk to you about something random, however, extremely confident while expressing himself otherwise or maybe not so even otherwise. The one who’s afraid of that vague contact of skins even in haphazardness. For he knows that he’ll be called a pervert and a rascal.

He’ll watch you in tears from a mile and offer you solace with his words and his silence rather than physical intimacy.

Yes, even he wants to have sex with you but too petrified to ask that question. Because what if you deny?! Too bad, only thought to have sex with one and didn’t keep alternatives while preparing himself for the worst. Hence, got too much worried with that ‘NO’ he might hear.

Because you see, he doesn’t live in a fairytale. He’s a realist and looks forward to helping you grow with the same attributes. Every time isn’t the time to sweet talk for him nor is every night as vacant as talking to sleep because he hustles and values grinding in life. Doesn’t flatter with euphemisms like “the prettiest girl inside out” because he acknowledges that the world has observed both: Mother Teresa and Kim Kardashian. Didn’t “aww” at your sob story because he believed you should’ve been stronger while facing that situation and believes so even now. Never faking a forever that he might fail to fulfil, he doesn’t say it every time rather makes you feel the worth of his affection and his loyalty to decide for yourself. Feeling no obligation to pay the whole bill or gift you those expensive orchids on Valentine’s, he openly talks about his pocket money constraints and the self respect that’s attached with earning your own money and spending it like a boss. The lover who’s more of a friend and a friend who’s fortunately a lover too.


I hope this helps you in wiping the clouds and making rightful choices under a clear sky next time.


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