​There have been poems, there have been chapters and there have been long long stories elucidating the essence of taking a leap of faith and plunging into the unknown. I call myself an avid reader but nothing taught me the aforementioned like my years in college.
I’ve exams rolling over in a week’s time but I guess, nothing can refrain me from mulling about my sojourn today! 😁

My schooling years were a lot about how a Tuesday submission should mean a Monday but never a Wednesday, how reporting at the reception at 8:00 am means a 7:55 am and never an 8:02 am, how you’re bound to wish your teachers (irrespective of whether they teach you or not) whenever you meet them in the school premises or even outside, and how you can never start your day sans prayers/meditation. 

Life in college has been different, if not better or worse. An 8:00 am got interpreted as an 8:30 lecture and a Tuesday assignment submission meant Wednesday, at earliest; next week’s Wednesday. It’s okay if you don’t recognize your professor in the campus, more often than not, he/she neither. 
Revisiting the downstream lanes compel me to believe that group studies, if at all, are efficacious with a limit tending to zero. One person completing her assignment in the first place is the reason why others are able to do theirs. You can either have your breakfast or your morning lecture, sparsely both. Photocopy and coffee machines are the true saviours. Life these days is difficult without WiFi and smart phones; and so is, learning about cancellation/rescheduling of classes, deadline of every project, syllabus of every internal and most importantly, circulation of one individual’s answer sheet to the entire class at a lightning speed. 
(Almost) every party/sleepover/trip jolts out someone’s true (and unpleasant) character. People who think in their heads that they’re the wittiest and most intelligent have infinitesimal stupidity in their bloods and bones. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And, there’s no one as ravishing in his/her untangled mess (and paradoxes) as Maggi noodles. :’)
To my failure, I can’t overemphasize this enough but: Following your passion is all the drug your soul wants in life.


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