Quite unconventionally, we don’t talk much often,
Nevertheless, there’s no part of my soul that you haven’t yet softened.
I could’ve called you yesterday even at midnight,
But stranding in the traffic of your phone didn’t please me in the foresight.
Because I wish that you read this whenever you’re free,
And not revert to me haphazardly as a busy bee.

Today, as the candles impale your pastry,
I so hope that it lights up our bond while serving as an upholstery.
I’ve walked countless lanes with you making merry,
And jumped thousand a puddles when the road ahead seemed dreary.
And this isn’t a thank you note for all such moments,
But an alarm for you to brace me up even further when destiny offers me with circumstances to lament.

As you blow the candles off today, don’t thaw me like the frozen wax,
Instead, pile me up with your love and care such that it chips in whenever the inadequacies need to be whacked.

An obedient daughter and a prodigious student,
A benevolent friend with a mind extremely prudent,
You’ve given your all to the people around,
But today, I pray that karma returns you the favor that’s befitting and sound.
And, trust me, when the day comes that you do yourself proud,
I’ll cheer the loudest from the crowd.

Till then, dance it out sometimes and seldom, celebrate life your way,
As I join the league wishing you a “Happy Birthday”!