All life a man strives for a girlfriend or a wife,
Who’s enticing enough to embellish his life.

But you know one day this will make a difference,
Perhaps, in your future daughter’s life a hindrance.

When she’ll inquire, “Dad, am I pretty or not?”,
Your heart will die a hundred deaths with your stomach in many a knots!

“You don’t have to be so,
Just for the sake of following the mob.
If that isn’t what your heart craves for,
Then it’s not your job!”

Or you might go standard and quote,
“Of course you’re! Your facial charm is after all what makes me sail my life’s boat”.

Both might sound right,
Right now in your head.
But your momentary words,
Will make her develop a perception which the world won’t be able to behead.

She’ll anyway learn the patriarchal truth one day,
But what she’s taught till that time is what for a lifetime will stay.

The former quote will preach her,
That it’s okay to earn a few bucks less and aim for a real life encore of Mary Kom;
Than to just play it on screen,
Accumulate huge wealth and set the theater on storm.

It obviously, for her, won’t be easy,
To unlearn sexism while embarking the journey as a novel herald.
But your daughter by then won’t be all breezy,
Who just cares about lips glossy and haute couture of the world.

I hope you start making a choice different from today,
Such that later, in pride your heart and mind would endlessly lay.
-D. Sharma


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