Triumphs of glorious battles,

in the silence of chaotic mind rattles;

every vein that brought unfathomable love,

from all parts of the body along with blood.

Fragile fingers bled until numb,

as onlookers’ judgments crumbled me lifeless and dumb.

My lifelong dreams stood for the display rhetorically,

as they called me lunatic quite gleefully.

Those torturous remarks put myself into doubt,

as the chatterers chattered with a fictitious clout.

Breaking my bones with echoes of those verbal jabs every night,

they left my feet trembling with dwindling self confidence under the sun light.

Now, how can I believe that there are places in the world to be crept,

Bereft of the four walled chamber where I just wept and wept?!

And there are things to be done and clothes to be bought,

because life isn’t just a battle; in my mind which I always fought?!

When my bereaved eyes catch the young hearts kissing,

I realize, there is some part of my soul which had gone missing.

But with time, they say everything gets healed,

Sadly, they don’t get that every inch of my spirit against love, is now sealed.

Now daily as I hear the phone ringing,

while declining the call I begin lurching,

Not because it is a wrong number which you’ve been dialling,

but because I’m no longer the person that you’ve been searching.



And if I’ve to utter those three words which define life, then I’d say “It all ends”. You won’t remember the names of girls who got tears rolling down your cheeks when you were in class 3 because you didn’t dance as well as them, run as quick as them or recite poems better than them. You won’t miss the guy who fucked you over in class 8. Though, at that time you must’ve thought that you can’t do without him. Cousins who laughed at you when you fell off from the stairs won’t bother. Teachers who scolded you in the school corridor for something you didn’t do or were naive enough to do won’t matter. People who mocked at your dreams, life goals, physique and gender roles will be long forgotten. And, you never have to feel guilty about removing such toxicity from life. Rejoice it.


Who are you? You’re the breakfast you make yourself on a lazy morning. You’re the places you travel in your head and can’t wait for it to be a reality. You’re the songs you hum or the ones that give you chills on putting headphones on. You’re your friends you’ve been meeting since at least seven years. You’re the guys/girls that impress you. You’re your silence in the midst of a chaotic mind. You’re your hero in the eternity of every life’s battle. You’re everything you wanted to be at some point of time or even now. You’re the way you treat others. Certainly, you’re not just a name.