As the nights grew to the darkest skies,
Daily she’d pray, as on the bed she lies.
That someday she’ll wake up to a guy,
Who won’t offer excuses to buy.

“It was you after all”, some had said,
“We’d to give it a try”, others proclaimed.
And it isn’t sweet at the end of the day,
When once you promised her your heart where she could forever lay.

She is self dependent, bold and confident,
Like the one who’s in the dreams of men as the best confidante.
Too much sunshine, they say, to not be felt,
How could the hearts of a million she not melt?!


Everyone crept into her life to try fitting in the frame,
And cognized that why storms get people’s name.
And that’s when the cowardice among all sets in,
None can now bear the reality that she isn’t like any other mannequin.

She takes her own decisions and voices her views,
And is independent enough to clear off all her dues.
They long for a girl now, who needs dropping back home,
Once after galloping beer after beer she’s out of her own.

They realize that she only looks panoramic from a distance,
And suits a man who is made up of some rare substance.
Till then life keeps on pouring baits,
But now for “the one” she waits.

-D. Sharma



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