Decipher my heart

Ishita Nagpal

I never solved the labyrinth of your heart. But, you ruled mine. The stars in my heart spelled your name each night. The flowers in my heart had your fragrance. The rivers whistled your name. Your unvarnished magic charm captured my heart. There was no way that I restrained that organ. Beyond the smell of ardent love, I had a phobia, the phobia of losing you. The day you will leave, I shall not persist. My demons shall not sleep. My nights shall not see the face of light and my poor heart shall turn melancholy blue.
But.. Still..
You left me like summer leaves for the cold and bitter winters. I couldn’t forebear and died inside. All the days I loved you secretly seemed in vain. It felt like a zillion knives into my heart at once. Last thing I know is that no one can decipher my heart…

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