The intrinsic life

She sought solace in nature as she marched towards an ancient pond under the night sky. She glanced towards the moon hoping to voice her sob story but found it occupied in reincarnating itself under the calm waters of the pond. She then, turned towards the pond in quench of expressing herself but it was busy alluring the scarred moon. Then, she glimpsed at the sky once more and got glued to the twinkling stars. The stars were hired by the mourners of the deceased and were learning their new names. Names of aunts, uncles, friends, parents and children who’d passed from this unforgiving earth to a place no one knows but few (specially, priests and elderly) will claim they know. Lonely, more than before she felt as none had time for her. “I’m the only person I can depend upon”, she muttered. She drew her feet closer to the hips as she settled on hoarse gravels and got her mind worried with her career, her choices and her life decisions. “Pursuing your passion is never going to be easy but will be worth it”, she’d mugged this one liner for some petty exam to secure good grades a few months back but failed to apply in life when it mattered. Obedience was what her parents expected from her and excellence in academics was what her teachers had wished for her. After all, she’d always been a bright student with keen indulgence in extra curricular activities and sports, but who knew before that volleyball was what her heart had always desired. Dedication towards the sport would mean disobeying her parents who saw an IAS officer in her. “She might be a bit distracted due to hormonal imbalances”, her teachers had cited on learning about this novel vocation. Wincing in pain with her head buried between the knees she wondered, could she disappoint the womb once she homed because of some stupid sport? Nature was still engaged in all those earlier mentioned ordeals and she was scared of the sufferings she’ll have to endure on the path and the people she would be upsetting.
“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself and no heart has ever suffered in pursuit of its passion. The ones who genuinely love you will always escort you in your journey even if they are annoyed in the beginning”, chewed the paper which was carved into an airplane that fell nearby under the dim streetlights.
Gleefully, she outstretched her legs on the sands and placed her head on the hard rock and slept soundly. The arena near the pond was considered quite unsafe during the dark hours like rest of the country but in her head she thought, “It is time now for the wolves to know that a lioness sleeps among them”



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