The immaculate desire


There were days I couldn’t fall asleep,
Prophesized post marital nights are after all so deep!
Frail fingers probed in the dark,
Touch of that special someone who would rekindle the spark.
A month, a fortnight, a week,
Time took its own time to fade in the bleak.
And then the wedding night did appear,
We were both so far and yet so near.

Now there are days again followed by sleepless nights,
Abyss has been carved out to substitute the dreamt pillow fights.
That touch which should’ve come as an immaculate desire,
Ran itching on my skin as a house on fire.
Ah! The kiss, the hug and those magical moments,
Laugh on me as a hyena whenever he torments.
The role that now I believe suits me the best,
Is of an empty pocket on a suit’s vest.
-D. Sharma


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