We all are born out of nothingness, even better from assholes. Humans are deuterstomes which means that at one point of time as a developing embryo we all were nothing but assholes and adjusting the lens’ focus today is like reassuring oneself that some embryos just never developed beyond that stage. Long we’ve heard to the tales of a terrible caterpillar which transformed into a flamboyant butterfly. The caterpillar gang lamented her for changing herself, they wanted her to get back to being that ugly little caterpillar, but she had wings. Such gangs of caterpillars are those assholes who never seek for maturity in life, forget wisdom.

Lo and behold! The whim in the wings of that butterfly. She frees herself from all things that weigh her down, and uses all her brute force to overcome GRAVITY and soars high, up she goes!

Now just look up there and you’ll see so many stars than ever before where the butterfly soared. They burn brighter and they shine longer and they never vanish into your periphery when you turn your head. It is as if they come out for us and to remind us that their light took so long to come to us, that if we never had the patience to wait, to endure, we never would have seen them, tonight, like this.

That as much as it hurts, sometimes it’s all you can do, wait; sometimes bereft of and other times with GRAVITY (graveness)  and keep shining knowing that eventually, your light will reach where it is supposed to reach and shine for whom it is supposed to shine for.

It is never easy, but it is always worth it.

Now look down to within yourselves and voila! You ripped your soul apart to keep others whole. Right from our schooling days, we’re taught that there is a universal force exercised by two bodies onto each other known as GRAVITY. But now that we’ve passed school and seen life through higher focused lenses, I doubt is GRAVITY really such a universal might that it is sufficient enough to keep two bodies together? Rapists, GRAVITY will save you from your next hearing. Cupid, GRAVITY says it is natural to stay together then why you be the God?

Kinematics tells us about the effect of gravity on the sun and the moon. It explains the wonderment with which the sun, the moon and the waves amaze us (namely, the high tide and the low tide). It makes us realize that how much loved the sea is! Probably, this love of gravity is the reason which pulls lovers and beloveds towards it. Perhaps, it is the reason behind people settling down on the loose grains of sands, drawing their feet closer to the hip, wrapping their legs with their own arms and just imagining the aura created by this intimacy through a lover. Perhaps, this love due to gravity is the reason behind serenity even in the maximum cities like Mumbai and Sydney.

But, can GRAVITY explain the art behind sharing naked souls than just bodies, please? Can it confirm to me that “exercising force onto each other” is so lowly human while “sharing each other’s soul, scars and wounds” is divine and beyond any definition any science textbook can offer? If the answer to the latter is in negation, then sorry dear gravity, but I disown you. Maybe, you’ve to go back from where it all started to understand that even your source of origin had an origin from an asshole (we’re talking about the birth of Newton).

To fly high, we’ve to surpass gravity (forget the space shuttles) and just remember the butterfly I mentioned, even she overcomes it. To unite as one rather than just stay together by exercising force, we’ve to defy gravity. To shine brighter than before, we’ve to leave gravity and focus on our more practical actions with endurance and patience. So fundamentally, is gravity even needed to carry out life if all we’ve to do with gravity is plain aversion?

Yes, it is. We can only become great if we surpass something, overcome something, leave something and defy other things. Gravity serves all these purposes and pushes us forward to take that leap of faith and commit fully to whatever we want to do in life, after all even a push is a force!

Conclusively, now just look at the jugadu Indians.  Movie GRAVITY shelled out more bucks than Mangalyaan! Kudos.

One word, many definitions. GRAVITY.


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