We’re all so convoluted in our lives that our heart has an argument with our head, every time it wants to beat. We’ve finer days in our lives relative to our ancestors. We leave our homes, cities and countries to pursue grander ambitions in life more flexibly than them. We’ve an assortment of choices in everything that life offers these days and every so often. We leave friends, lovers and possibilities for the chance to roam the world and make deeper connections. We defy our fear of change more often, hold our head high more assuredly and do what we once thought was unthinkable: walk away, more recurrently. And this is always scary, but what unfolds beyond the fright is that in leaving we don’t just find love, adventure or freedom, more than anything we find ourselves.

This plethora of vagaries has deluded us from staying committed to a definite thing and more significantly, people in our rusted lives.  We accommodate to deviations in slew spheres of life more sporadically than ever before and in the course we’ve turned oblivious to hold onto someone in life fixedly. Physical appearances are gullible and if that is someone’s utmost priority in settling down with someone then, here’s an advice: You’ll always find a better bargain somewhere down the lane.

“Your naked body should belong to only those who have seen your naked soul” is a thing of past now. “There are still so many kisses and laughs and nights and days and risks worth taking and road trips and books to read and poetry to write and pictures to take, you’ve to believe this please!” is the new in. This new age anecdote is too thwarting for men and women who look forward to get hitched for life. They are muddled in their heap of thoughts than ever before and even overthink their overthinking while forecasting to settle down in life. They are overshadowed by this belief of finding-someone-better-in-life than the one who is omnipresent in their lives.

To people with such a paradox, I would say that if it’s all a matter of finding-someone-better-in-life then this analogy serves well in other relationships viz. parents, siblings et al as well. But do we actually go out on a spree in a hunt of a new pair of parents who are more perceptible to us or a new bunch of siblings who are more fun being with? We don’t. One can argue that we settle with them because they’re our blood relatives. So I ask again, do we keep loitering around colonies and apartments searching for a better neighborhood day in and day out or change our friends the moment we feel there’re differences?  We don’t. We squat down together and talk things out.

We all are so flattered by this new concept of “better” that we apply it in all aspects of our lives with a care in the world. Overwhelmingly, we are now more convoluted in our lives as this new age freedom asks us to decide for our would-be spouse in sharp contrast to the days where the onus lied on the elders in the house exclusively. I vehemently believe that it is high time that we unfasten our safety belts and take a plunge in the deep ocean of love and more relevantly, commitment with whomsoever we’ve spent long time gaily instead of meandering in search of someone who probably exists only hypothetically.


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